What is a pet water blower

Pet water blower is a special power tool equipment for cats, dogs and other long-haired pets.
It works completely differently from traditional human hair dryers. The moving motor inside the machine will generate high-speed strong wind, blowing on the pet's fur.

Blow away the moisture in the fur, and then achieve the purpose of drying the pet fur.
Common water blowers are as follows:
: Suitable for home users, suitable for small and medium-sized long-haired pets.
Double motor water blower:
Types and appearance of common water blowers
The types and appearance of common water blowers (22 photos)
High power, high wind power, high efficiency. Suitable for professional users, pet shop business use. The outstanding features are high wind force, high wind speed and high working efficiency.
Vertical water blower and wall-mounted water blower: Professional customers, especially pet shop customers, according to their actual needs, for the water blower with professional specific accessories and equipment, combined to form a type of water blower or wall-mounted water blower To meet your business needs.
Dual-motor dual-motor water blower: Higher wind power and independent electric heating are especially suitable for the care of large and giant dogs with long hair and thick hair in the cold winter and spring seasons. It not only improves efficiency but also guarantees the health of pets. It breaks the dilemma that the high-power dual-motor water blower without heating in the past cannot be used in the cold winter and spring seasons or causes the pet to catch a cold after use, and a double balance of efficiency and effect is achieved.

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