Piscina de baño

  • Pet Bathing Pool

    Pet bath pool(equipped with a hair dryer)is made of stainless steel panels. With water barrier on three sides and dryer duct interface on the side panel with a faucet,which is convenient to operate. The slot screw feet can provide fine-turning adjustment. The removable door with good sealing,anti-slip pedals and slot built-in activity. On the top of the bathtub, there is a removable hook which can easily bind pets.



    Hair dryer parameters:wind CVT,adjustable,with hot and cold air.power 2800W,wind speed 25m/s-46m/s,temperature 35℃-75℃,voltage AC110V-240V.

  • Surfing Spa Bath

    Including SPA function stainless steel bathtub, It has three sizes can be chosen. LCD display can shows blister strong or weak. It also including heat and constant the temperature. It can using medicine SPA, Also you can control the dog in the water, let it enjoy the SPA Happiness. The foot can be adjust if your land not steady.






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