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Máy sấy vật nuôi dẫn đầu thông minh

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    It is a powerful Wall-Mounted Dryer. This powerful yet gentle dryer allows the groomer to go hands-free when fluffing a freshly washed pet. Perfect for salons or facilities in need of space-saving, this dryer can mount on wall easily. With the reliable heating element, and adjustable air-flow, this wall mounted dryer can be heat adjusted between 77 and 167 degrees Fahrenheit while still maintaining high standards of double-hose.

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    ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY & SAFETY: Both the user friendly interface and the LED display will offer the user FULL control of the temperature and airflow settings.

    SAVE TIME & MONEY: Our sophisticated motor is equipped with advanced energy-saving measures that will translate to lower power consumptions without compromising performance. DURABILITY: We have built the dryer with durability in mind. The stainless steel body prevents any rust build up which ensures that this unit will serve you for years to come, be it in commercial or personal applications.

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