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Introduction of Pet Products-Pet Water Blower

Today I would like to introduce to you one of the essential pet supplies, pet water blower!
The most important thing for bathing a dog is to blow the hair. It must be blow dried. If it is not dry, it is not good for the dog ’s hair and it is easy to breed bacteria, but blowing hair is another trouble. It is better to use a hair dryer. Or the water blower, let's take a look!
Pet hair dryer
The main purpose is to blow dry and straighten the surface hair; because the wind and air volume are not enough to reach the root of the hair, it is very time-consuming and labor-intensive to blow dry thoroughly, and the temperature is high. Care must be taken to burn the hair. It is generally used to straighten the hair.
Pet water blower

As the name implies, it is to dry the water. Because the accessories of the pet water blower are specially designed for pet bath drying, a high-strength motor is designed for the thick hair of the pet. The air volume generated by the high-strength motor is sprayed through the air outlet nozzle , Reaching a certain wind speed, it is easy to penetrate the pet ’s thick hair, and directly reach the bottom of the hair root to instantly blow away the residual water at the hair root. The drying speed is 100 times that of the hair dryer, and the water blower generally has a heating function. The high-intensity warm air can easily evaporate the moisture of the hair roots to achieve the purpose of quick drying.
The work of blowing hair is another thing worth paying attention to. If blowing hair is sloppy, just blowing 70% to 80%, the chance of a dog suffering from fungal infection will increase greatly after a few times. Picking a suitable pet water blower can greatly improve the efficiency of bathing.
The working principle of the water blowing machine is to use high wind force to blow water away from the dog's coat instead of relying on high temperature. Therefore, the wind blown by most pet water blowers does not have a very high temperature. Because the water blower will make a loud noise when working, it is necessary to train the dog's adaptability to noise in advance.
When blowing hair, try to choose a direction to improve the efficiency of blowing hair. Dry the inner coat first, then treat the surface coat. As mentioned earlier, the wind blown by the water blower is not very warm, so don't blow it at the dog just after turning on the water blower. If it is in winter, it is easy to make the dog cold and sick. So be sure to let the water blower work for 1-2 minutes before it starts to generate warm wind, and then dry the dog's coat.
One special reminder is that the water blower cannot be kept in working condition all the time. Because as the working time increases, the wind blown by the water blower will gradually become hot. After a certain period of time, the pet may be a little hot, so the water blower cannot be used for a long time.

Post time: 2020-05-23