high powered blow dryer for dogs
high powered blow dryer for dogs
high powered blow dryer for dogs
high powered blow dryer for dogs
high powered blow dryer for dogs

ڪتن لاءِ تيز طاقت وارو ڊرائيو تيار ڪرڻ وارو

The Happy Bear dog dryer is a small, compact and powerful pet dryer which can blow away water, dirt, debris and the undercoat from pets quickly and efficiently. It has variable air flow speed and temperature. The breakthrough of this technology brings natural heating and quiet, insulated operation. It is an exclusive design. Its shell material and high wind outlet combine perfectly. The dryer is of low noise, strong and concentrated wind.

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ھاڻي راءِ ڏيو

Below specifications can be customized based on your needs, please check with our representative before order.

Model: Dog hair dryer HB1001& HB1002
Colors: Orange, yellow, black &stainless steel
Features: مختلف رفتار سان هوا ۽ رفتار
Voltage: 110-240V
Power: 2800W
Air speed: 25-50m/s
Heat: 40℃-60℃
Noise: 60DB

1. Low noise, strong and concentrated wind.

2. Necessary tools for pet stores, professional users and home users.

3. Capable of washing filter and easy to replace.

4.Hand shank makes it convenient to carry.



سوال:آھي nbf manufacturerاھيندڙ يا واپاري ڪمپني?
الف:NBF پروفيشنل manufacturerاھيندڙ آھي پالتو جانورن جي سن productsال واري شين لاءِ تجربي سان 12 سال. اسان پيش ڪري سگھون ٿا ھڪڙي اسٽاپ ڪسٽمائيزيشن جي سروس توھان جي ھر خاص ضرورت لاءِ.


سوال:توهان جي ادائگي جا شرط ا آهن؟?
الف:ادا 50% پهرين جمع ڪر ۽ باقي ادا ڪر 50% پهچائڻ کان ا.


سوال:Can you customize 110V?
الف:Yes, we can. We can customize the voltage of 110V-240V.


سوال:What is the difference between HB1001 and HB1002?
الف:HB1001 is made of iron spray paint shell. You can choose yellow, orange or black. The material of the shell in HB1002 is stainless steel.


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