Hydraulic dog grooming table
Hydraulic dog grooming table
Hydraulic dog grooming table
Hydraulic dog grooming table

Hydraulic dog grooming table

NBF hydraulic grooming table use the most popular Z shape appearance. The table can be lowered as low as 49cm and raised to as high as 101cm. It is strong and durable. It can be locked in any position. The table legs are made of full stainless steel which is solid. The stainless steel legs are durable and sturdy, eliminates swinging and tilt,which provides a stable place for grooming. The table top is made of 11 layers of plywood and covered with a textured non-slip PVC surface providing stability for pets and an easily cleanable surface for users. The outstanding hydraulic pump can be continuously sued for 50000 timesيرا. It is durable and antistatic. The aluminum alloy edge resists scratches and hauls.

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Product advantages:
1.Sealed hydraulic foot pump requires no maintenance.
2.Fine grid pattern design, skid resistance performance is the first-class, tough.
3.Can be adjusted vertically from 49cm to 101cm with the pump.
4.Stainless steel frame and leg, easy to clean.
5.Three colors to choose.(black, green and red)

سوال:Which surface treatment are the most common for metal parts?
الف:Polishing, Polish.


سوال: How to start a project?
الف: To start your project, please send us a list of product models, quantities and specific requirements. Then, you will get the quotation from us within 24 hours.


سوال:توھان جي معياري ترسيل جي تاريخ بابت ا ?
الف: عام طور تي 15-40 ڏينهن.


سوال:توهان جي ادائگي جا شرط ا آهن؟?
الف:ادا 50% پهرين جمع ڪر ۽ باقي ادا ڪر 50% پهچائڻ کان ا.

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