Nano bubble spa machine
Nano bubble spa machine
Nano bubble spa machine

Nano bubble spa machine

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Model: DCPPJ-006

Specification: 300*140-90(H)

Color: Cute pink,Fluorescent blue,Emerald,Tyrant Gold

Capacity 500mlX2

Voltage: DC12V

Power: 25w



Exclusive patented technology

Save more shampoo ≥40%

Save water ≥20

Save electricity ≥18%


① The exclusive nano-bubble technology in the country, the diameter of the foam is 40-80 nanometers, which is equivalent to adult hair.Nano-foam is easier to penetrate into the pores and take away dust, grease and bacteria.

② Compared with traditional water washing, the bubble bath is more soothing,reduces the pet’s unsuitability to the unfamiliar environment,and avoids the damage caused by the pet’s strong resistance during the bath.Increase the release of endorphins, gastrin and insulin in cats and dogs to cause pleasure, promote food digestion and absorption,and maintain good health.

③Fully dilute to avoid the insufficient dilution of shampoo,resulting in a large amount of active nutrients. Hair conditioners and silicone oil are washed away by water before they can be absorbed.It can also effectively avoid the damage of high-concentration shampoo to pet fur.

④Fun,the bubble bath can bring both visual and tactile experiences,and enhance the ritual feeling when bathing.The delicate bubbles are as tender as baby’s skin.It can also isolate direct contact with the private parts of the pet,allowing you to and love Pet stress-free interaction,allowing you to simply bathe your pet.

⑤Multiple bathing liquid options, new bathing liquid switching unction, one-key switching anytime, anywhere,quick bathing liquid interface,freely switching bathing liquid.

⑥A free silicone shower head for pets,which integrates massage,combing,and rinsing functions.

⑦Dilution-free,the company’s exclusive patented technology,suitable for most pet shampoos on the market, without dilution, the machine automatically mixes foam.

⑧Saving shampoo.The diluted shampoo after the scientific proportioning of our products greatly reduces the waste of pet shampoo.The usage amount is only 20% of the dilution bottle.It can also produce foam at 1:100.Use the original liquid to wash foam.The concentration is finer,and when using the diluent,the thickness is low.

⑨Foam size can be switched at will, high-grade pets for hairy pets,low-grade pets for small pets.

⑩One machine is multi-purpose,you can change the shower gel and shampoo to give yourself an ultimate bubble bath experience.


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