Hurricane pet hair dryer high velocity
Hurricane pet hair dryer high velocity
Hurricane pet hair dryer high velocity


エンジェルスシリーズハリケーンペットヘアドライヤー, 完全なプラスチックシェル, 無段変速機, 温度制御と超風速, ダブルモーターよりも大きな風, 素早く効率的に水分を吹き飛ばすことができます, ほこり, ペットボトムの綿毛の破片, 画期的な技術が自然な暖房と安全な断熱操作をもたらします, 専用デザイン, シェル素材と非常に高い空気出口の完璧な組み合わせ, 強くて集中した風と低騒音.



1、2600W super power.
2、無段変速機, 温度制御と超風速.
3、Pet shop, professional user essential tools, pet shop users best choice •Safe operation of insulation
4、Washable filter and easy to replace
5、Strong construction, 完全なプラスチックシェル

1、About Noise:
According to statistics from scientific experts, the pet gromming dryer does not completely avoid noise, it is not the noise of the water blower, but the wind sound generated by the air hose.
Everyone has a different tolerance for noise. Some pets may be scared at first, you could adjust airflow to the lowest setting so they can get used to it, and give them some foods or toys.


2、About Temperature:
Please do not hold too close to pet's fur when using the pet gromming blower. It could get burned because of too high temperature. The closer to pet's fur, the hotter it will feel. The temperature will vary with distance.





NS:Can you customize the color?
NS:Reach the MOQ than the color can be customized.


NS:Can you do our brand?
NS:Yes, we can. The condition is to reach the MOQ.


NS:What is the delivery time?
NS:5-40 days after deposit, depends.


NS:Can you customize 110V?
NS:Yes, we can. We can customize the voltage of 110V-240V