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  • Varyab vitès van ak tanperati

Varyab vitès van ak tanperati

  • Sechwa kònen ki gen gwo pouvwa pou chen

    The Happy Bear dog dryer is a small, compact and powerful pet dryer which can blow away water, dirt, debris and the undercoat from pets quickly and efficiently. It has variable air flow speed and temperature. The breakthrough of this technology brings natural heating and quiet, insulated operation. It is an exclusive design. Its shell material and high wind outlet combine perfectly. The dryer is of low noise, strong and concentrated wind.

  • Siklòn bèt kay seche cheve gwo vitès

    Angels seri Ouragan bèt kay seche cheve, plen plastik koki, Enfiniman varyab, kontwòl tanperati ak vitès van super, pi gwo van pase motè doub, li ka byen vit ak efikasite soufle soti imidite, pousyè, debri nan duve anba bèt kay, teknoloji zouti pote chofaj natirèl ak operasyon izolasyon san danje, konsepsyon eksklizif, konbinezon pafè nan materyèl koki ak priz lè trè wo, van fò ak konsantre ak bri ki ba.

  • Gwo vitès pwofesyonèl chen/bèt kay goumin fòs seche rad/antilatè

    PAN ENGLE is a set of pet dryer which uses the U.S. imported AMETEK motor. There is no domestic manufacturer of the motors being capable of producing such high-performance motor section. Besides, its shape is unique.Therefore,it has the patents for its appearance, utility models and so on. The product uses engineering materials and deep processing of high strength shell protection, multistage insulation safety, multi-channel stability control design.The service life can be up to 1800 hours, which is three times longer than the life of the domestic motor. It is the rationale blaster container with the highest coefficient that complies with international standards.

  • NBF High Velocity Pet Hair Dryer - Blower Grooming Dryer with Heater Dogs & Cats, Stepless vitès reglabl, Izolasyon chalè

    The breakthrough technology of the pet dryer brings natural heating and quiet, insulated operation to improve productivity in grooming shops. Powerful, high velocity dryer delivers a high volume of warm air to blow out the water in the underlying fluff of the pets. Infinitely adjustable-speed air-conditioning blowing machine has the auxiliary heating function. This dryer has two power switch lights and a delicate gear knob, which makes users feel relieved to use in anytime and anywhere. The unit has a 3 meters puncture-resistant flexible hose and four nozzles. The machine is made of steel, and the construction of the dryer is rugged and durable. It is of humanized beehive bottom cover design. It has dual mounted legs, which allows both vertical and horizontal use. The dryer is of low noise, strong and concentrated wind. The air temperature will not be too high, so as to avoid damaging the hair of pets, which greatly improves the working efficiency.

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