stainless steel dog cage
stainless steel dog cage
stainless steel dog cage
stainless steel dog cage
stainless steel dog cage

stainless steel dog cage

The whole 304 stainless steel material, anti-corrosion, anti-acid does not rust, the thickness of 1.2mm cage material, the cage door with a diameter of 8mm and 6mm diameter wire composition, foot gird with a diameter of 10mm and 4mm diameter wire, Thickness of 0.88mm, the bottom of the wheel using high-intensity round of the universal brake wheel.

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1.The cage structure is reasonablesuper pressure, strong and durable.
2.Unique sliding door lock design, automatic locking, good safety.
3.High frequency, high current and high current welding of pedal grid and cage door, Strong without falling welding.
4.The sewage tray is tilted outside, leaving no dead ends, convenient for washing.
5.Built-in seamless water retaining edge, more convenient and hygienic to use.
6.The design of movable drawing board plate in the lower cage, which can be turned into a large cage.
7.Bottom moving brake wheel, mute, wear-resistant, easy to shift and fix.
8.Innovative design of cage, exquisite and chic, random combination, can be customized according to demand.

Product size, units are mm
1.Dimension: Length 120 deep 700 high 1580
2.Upper cage: long 610 high 610 deep 700
Lower cage: long 610 high 820 deep 700
3.Disinfection plate: 690 wide and 540 high 540
4.Pedal mesh:690 wide and 545 thick thick 10
5.Upper cage door: long 530 high 480 thick 8 Lower cage door: long 530 high 690 thick 8
6.We can customize the cage according to the size you need.

Q:Que tratamentos de superficie son os máis comúns para as pezas metálicas?
A:Pulido, polaco.


Q: Como comezar un proxecto?
A: Para comezar o teu proxecto, envíanos unha lista de modelos de produtos, cantidades e requisitos específicos. Entón, recibirá a cotización de nós dentro 24 horas.


Q:What is the delivery time?
A:5-30 days after deposit, depends.


Q:Cales son as súas condicións de pago?
A:Pagar 50% depositar primeiro e pagar o resto 50% antes do envío.


Q:Where is the factory’s address?
A:ADDRESS:O 4º andar,Nº3 Edificio,Parque Tecnolóxico de Yadi,Nº4 Estrada de Hetai,Rúa Helong,Distrito de Baiyun,Cantón,China
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