Do you know a pet water blower?

What is a pet water blower?
It turned out to be an electronic device that blows hair to dogs. Many pet owners want to bathe their dogs, not knowing that bathing is a very troublesome thing. First, bathing your dog requires a shower gel for pet professionals.
Then after washing, it is necessary to dry the dogs and cats very quickly. This is not the normal hairdryer for our home. If you can't blow dry quickly, pets are easy to catch a cold.
But it is such a small electrical appliance that the state regulates the safety of pet water blowers. Pet water blowers will be included in the scope of 3C mandatory certification. At that time, pet water blowers and similar products that have not obtained the 3C certification as required may not be shipped, sold, imported, or used in other business activities. It seems that the pet industry is no longer a lonely industry.

It should be noted here that it belongs to skin and hair care appliances in households and similar equipment in the mandatory product certification catalog. In order to ensure the quality and safety while encouraging product innovation and development, the relevant production enterprises that have produced this product are required to complete the 3C certification according to the requirements of the 3C certification implementation rules for household and similar-use equipment by 31st of this month.

So pet owners, remember! Need water blower, please check carefully whether there is 3C certification, General Manager Xu of Xiamen Wenji Pet Hospital, for everyone's safety, when purchasing pet electrical appliances, you must purchase safety with national mandatory certification. Don't buy some unqualified electrical products because of greed, to avoid property damage.

Post time: 2020-04-20